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Treating Schizophrenia With Cupping Featured

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that occurs in a long time. This disorder causes sufferers to experience hallucinations, delusions or understandings, chaos of thinking, and behavioral changes.

These symptoms are symptoms of psychosis, a condition in which the sufferer has difficulty distinguishing reality from his own mind.

Schizophrenia is often equated with psychosis, even though both are different. Psychosis is only one symptom of several mental disorders, including schizophrenia.

Based on the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that more than 21 million people worldwide suffer from schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia sufferers also have a 2-3 times higher risk of dying at a young age. In addition, half of people with schizophrenia are known to suffer from other mental disorders, such as drug abuse, depression, and anxiety disorders.

According to the results of the 2013 Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health's Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), an estimated 1-2 people that 1,000 Indonesians experience severe mental disorders, including schizophrenia. Nearly 15 percent of sufferers experience surgeries.

Characteristics of Schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia basically vary based on the type and severity. However, there are some of the most typical symptoms such as:

People affected by paranoid schizophrenia often hear, see, kiss, or feel things that are not real. Most often they hear clear voices from known people or unknown people. This voice may tell the patient to do something that makes him uncomfortable, such as suicide or killing someone else.

People with paranoid schizophrenia may also have strong beliefs about something wrong. For example, feeling other people want to harm or kill themselves. This one symptom of schizophrenia will have a direct impact on the behavior of the sufferer. Chaotic thoughts and confusing sayings. People with this condition often have difficulty managing their thoughts. They may not understand what you are talking about when you invite them to talk. Not only that, when they speak, they often issue words that don't come in and sound echoing.

Difficult to Concentrate
The chaotic mind makes it difficult for people with this condition to concentrate or focus on one thing.

Different Movements
Some people with this condition often appear nervous. Often they do the same moves repeatedly. Even so, sometimes they can also be silent for hours (catatonic).

Symptoms of Schizophrenia:

  • Lack of interest in things that were once very liked
  • Don't care about cleanliness and appearance
  • Withdrawal from the social environment, such as friends and family
  • Sleep difficulties or changing sleep patterns
  • Very sensitive and has a depressed mood
  • Not responsive to the surrounding environment
  • Lack of motivation in living life, including to establish relationships with other people
  • Conflict in the mind, it is difficult to make a decision
  • Difficulty expressing and showing emotions
  • Fear of crowded public places
  • Paranoia, such as excessive anxiety, believes he has a special ability or has a certain disease that is actually not on him


The symptoms above are sometimes difficult to recognize because they are usually common in adolescents. As a result, many people consider if these symptoms are commonplace as a teenage phase.

In men, the symptoms of this disease usually begin at the beginning of puberty until the middle age of 20s. While in women, symptoms usually begin at the end of their 20s. Children and elderly people over 45 years rarely have this condition.

There may be some signs and symptoms of schizophrenia that are not included above. If you have concerns about symptoms of schizophrenia, immediately consult with an expert.

With the permission of Allah Subhanahu Wata 'Ala, schizophrenia can be healing. One of them by Oxidant Releasing Therapy and Ruq'yah method in Bengkel Manusia. Alhamdulillah, many patients are treated with this methods that have been tested since the time of this prophet.

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